The following rules have been added to make browsing and reading the list an easy and enjoyable experience for all. You should really do your best to follow these rules, so that you don't become too unpopular. They make life a lot easier for everyone.
New to zeal?
It is a good idea to get a feel for the place before you start posting, so maybe hang around a bit first. Feel free to send a message to everyone introducing yourself.
Avoid over-quoting
Please spare a moment to cut down quoted lines from the previous message when replying. It's normally sufficient to keep just a few lines containing the points you intend replying to directly. Over-quoted messages are harder to read and waste time. It does make life easier for everyone!
Send to the correct address
The mailing list uses three e-mail addresses, which can be confusing at first. Remember that to send a message to everyone on the list, you should use
Think about the format of your message
Try to break down your messages into paragraphs if possible. Not everyone has time to read each message word-for-word, and a message with sensible paragraph breaks is much easier to skim through and pick out the important ideas.
Avoid use of capital letters
This may seem rather petty at first, but please don't write everything in capital letters - it's the equivalent of SHOUTING on the Internet, and makes your message harder to read. Asterisks are preferred as a way to *emphasise* a particular word, it's the equivalent of using a bold typeface. Keep your lines short. Many mail readers only have an 80 column display, so it's best to keep your lines under 80 characters long. Some programs only insert a "new line" character after each paragraph. If you can prevent this, please do!
No one-liners
Please try and stop yourself from replying to a message with comments such as 'Yes I agree'
or 'cool' unless of course, you are asking a question to the list.
Keep your signature short
It can be very annoying seeing half the Starshaped video repeated at the end of an email. Please try to cut down on the length of your quotes or thoughts of the day.
Take it outside!
Even the friendliest people in the world have 'differences of opinion' sometimes. If your discussion degenerates into a battle of insults, the time has come to conduct it by private e-mail! Nobody else cares who got the last word, who's right and who's wrong, it just becomes a nuisance. Show everyone who's more mature, and let the other person have the last word in public!
Do not send attachments to the list
Posting pictures, sound files etc. to the mailing list is not allowed. They simply clog up peoples mailboxes. However, if you would like to contribute pictures, sound files to the list, you can do so by contributing to the members page. See the members page or contact the listowner for more details.
1999 ZEAL