Wembley Arena A-sides gig
It has been confirmed that Blur will also be playing an A-sides gig at Wembley Arena, in which they will play all their singles. The show will be on 11th December. Tickets go on sale soon.
Camden B-sides gig
Blur will be playing a special b-sides gig at The Electric Ballroom in Camden. The gig, which takes place on Monday 6th September will be broadcasted live in Real Video in a special webcast from the Blur:X web-site.
Free limited edition CD
The Observer is celebrating 10 years of Blur, by giving its readers a limited-edition CD with
the paper next Sunday (September 5 1999). The highly-collectable 'enhanced CD' contains seven tracks plus interactive footage filmed exclusively for the Observer, where the band talk openly about their career, Britpop, Oasis and why they are still going strong. In a remarkably candid interview with the Observer's Burhan Wazir, Damon Albarn talks about the decade's 'lad culture' and 'Britishnessand how the band found themselves surrounded by "the celebration of masculine, laddish, working class qualities" where "it became almost dirty word to be called middle class and read". The full track listing - chosen by the band - is as follows: Trimm Trabb/Country Sad Ballad Man/He Thought of Cars/This is a Low/Blue Jeans/ She's So High/Beetlebum. Graham Coxon also created special artwork for the CD-Rom cover. The CD is available to readers in London and the South East only
Blur will be staging an exhibition as part of their 10th Anniversary celebration. "Blur:X" will take place at the Lux Gallery in Hoxton Square, London on September 11 and 12 - admission is free. All the original artwork for each of Blur's six albums will be on display. This includes all artwork-in-progress and the photo sessions used to promote them, and selected press that ran around the time of the releases including covers from over the years. Within the gallery, there will be two cinema set-ups showing a whole host of visuals. These will include footage of the Tin the Park, the Starshaped documentary, footage of Blur versus Oasis from News at Ten, and film of an early Leicester gig in 1990. There will also be a collection of familiar Blur props, including the full sized milk carton from the Coffee + TV video, and nine-foot hamburger from the 95 Mile End set. Original lyrics, photos of the band as children, rare video footage, tour laminates and all of Graham's artwork will be on view too. Fans can even get to keep a bit of Blur memorabilia for themselves, as the band have organised for an auction to take place at Hoxton Hall (also in Hoxton Square), during the afternoon of Sunday, September 12. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to register to attend the auction and will be asked to make a 5 donation. All the proceeds will be given to the hall, which is an arts and community centre that runs workshops in drama, photography and visual arts for local people and those with disabilities. It was chosen by Damon as he used to work there as a teenager. The Lux Gallery will be open from 12pm - 6pm on Saturday 11th September and 12pm-4pm on Sunday 12th September. Posters advertising the exhibition will feature the naked girl lying on the back of a hippopotamus, as used in Blur's first single -She's So High back in 1990.
South American Dates
The following dates have been announced for South American gigs in November
18th - Metropolitan Theatre, Mexico City, Mexico
21st - November Via Funchal, Sao Paulo, Brazil
23rd - November Metropolitan, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
25th - November Monumental Theatre, Santiago, Chile
27th & 28th - Obras Buenos Aires, Argentina
10th Anniversary Box-Set
To celebrate Blur's 10th year anniversary in September, a special limited edition 22 CD Box-Set will be released on 27th September with a RRP of 99.99. The Box-Set will feature all blur singles released up until the anniversary including all b-sides. The full tracklisting for the Box-Set:
CD1: She's So High; I Know; Down; Sing; I Know (extended)
CD2: There's No Other Way; Inertia; Mr Briggs; I'm All Over; There's No Other Way (The Blur Remix); Won't Do It; Day Upon Day (Live); There's No Other Way (Extended Version)
CD3: Bang; Explain; Luminous; Berserk; Bang (Extended); Uncle Love
CD4: Popscene; Mace; Badgeman Brown; I'm Fine; Garden Central
CD5: For Tomorrow; Into Another; Hanging Over; Peach; Bone Bag; When The Cows Come Home; Beachcoma; For Tomorrow (acoustic version); For Tomorrow (Visit To Primrose Hill Extended)
CD6: Chemical World; Young & Lovely; Es Schmecht; My Ark; Maggie May; Chemical World (Reworked); Never Clever (live); Pressure On Julian (live); Come Together (live).
CD7: Sunday, Sunday; Dizzy; Fried; Shimmer; Long Legged; Mixed Up; Tell Me Tell Me; Daisy Bell; Let's All Go Down The Strand
CD8: Girls & Boys; Magpie; Anniversary Waltz; People In Europe; Peter Panic
CD9: To The End; Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys 7" Mix); Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys 12" Mix); Threadneedle Street; Got Yer!
CD10: Parklife; Beard; To The End (French Version); Supa Shoppa; Theme From An Imaginary Film
CD11: End Of A Century; Red Necks; Alex's Song
CD12: Country House; One Born Every Minute; To The End (La Comedie); Country House (live); Girls & Boys (live); Parklife (live); For Tomorrow (live)
CD13: The Universal; Ultranol; No Monsters In Me; Entertain Me (Live It! Remix); The Universal (live); Mr. Robinson's Quango (live); It Could Be You (live); Stereotypes (live)
CD14: Stereotypes; The Man Who Left Himself; Tame; Ludwig
CD15: Charmless Man; The Horrors; A Song; St. Louis
CD16: Beetlebum; All Your Life; A Spell For Money; Beetlebum (Mario Caldato Jnr. Mix);
Woodpigeon Song; Dancehall
CD17: Song 2; Bustin' & Dronin'; Country Sad Ballad Man (live acoustic); Get Out Of Cities; Polished Stone)
CD18: On Your Own; Chinese Bombs (live at Peel Acres); Movin' On (live at Peel Acres); M.O.R. (live at Peel Acres); Popscene (live at Peel Acres); Song 2 (live at Peel Acres); On Your Own (live at Peel Acres).
CD19: M.O.R. (Road Version); Swallows In The Heatwave; Movin' On (William Orbit Remix); Beetlebum (Moby's Minimal House Mix)
CD20: Tender; All We Want; Mellow Jam; French Song; Song 2
CD21: Coffee & TV; Trade Stylee (Alex's Bugman remix); Metal Hip Slop (Graham's Bugman remix); X- Offender (Damon/ Control Freaks Remix); Coyote (Dave's Bugman Remix)
CD22: No Distance Left To Run; Tender (Cornelius Remix)