Last piece of news - 15/7/99
10th Anniversary Box-Set
To celebrate Blur's 10th year anniversary in September, a special 22 CD Box-Set is to be released. The rather large Box-Set will feature all blur singles released up until the anniversary. However, it has still not been officially confirmed but a date should be announced soon.
Dave Online Chat
On 15th July, Dave Rowntree answered questions from fans on his own online chat at the BBC Entertainment website A full transcript is available at the site.
Coffee & MTV - Blur Live
MTV - Saturday 7th August 9:30pm/Sunday 8th August 12:30pm
Blur live at the Leeds Town and Country Club on their acclaimed `Parklife' tour.
3862 Days:
On 16th July it will be exactly 3862 Days since Blur first rehersed together as a group. Stuart Maconie, who has travelled, celebrated and commiserated with Blur since their early days of tiny pub gigs, has written 3862 Days: The Official History of Blur. It's out on 16th July pticed 12.99. More information on 3862 Days
Mogwai get lairy
Mogwai, recently launched a new line of T-shirts to their Merchandise range at the 1999 Glastonbury Festival. The new T-shirt reads 'blur: are shite' in the Mogwai font. Band member 'Stuart Braithwaite' told Select magazine: "We just had to, They're a bunch of cunts". The 'blur: are shite' T-shirt, a long with others with original and stylish designs are available at their Award Winning Official Website at . Through selling the T-shirt, the band hope to raise enough money to replace a broken valve in Mr Braithwaite's practice amp.
Coffee + TV
Coffee + TV only managed to reach #11 in the UK Charts, in its first week
Dazed & Confused
Damon, Graham, Alex & Dave all feature on separate covers of Style magazine 'Dazed & Confused'. The July issue features separate interviews with each Blur member. Damon meets Kathy Burke. Alex meets Marianne Faithfull, Graham meets Sam Taylor Wood. Dave meets Daisy Donavan.

Select Magazine

Blur have made the front cover of the August issue of Select. It's exactly 12 months since Blur were last on the cover for headlining Glastonbury 98.
Top of the Pops
A recorded performance of Coffee & TV will be shown on TOTP on Friday 9th July
Blur's Ten of the Best
VH-1 (UK) - Friday 9th July 10:00pm
Blur will be selecting their ten favourite videos.
VH1 to 1: Blur
VH-1 (UK) - Friday 2nd July 4:30pm
Blur talk about their career to date.
Tibet 99 Webcast
On Sunday 20th June at 4 pm Pacific Standard Time, House of Blues online will be showing highlights from the 1999 Tibetan Freedom Concert in a special webcast. Blur will be featured as part of the highlights. The address is
TV Repeats for Blur at Glastonbury 98
UK Arena - Saturday 19th June, 10:00pm - Later on Blur at Glastonbury 98
Jools Holland relives Blur's set at Glastonbury 98. 60 minutes.
BBC 2 -Friday 18th June 11:15pm - Glastonbury 98
Blur, among some of the highlights from Glastonbury 98. 95 minutes.
Blur on Mark & Lard
Blur will be appearing on the Mark & Lard show on Radio 1 on Wednesday 23rd June. They will be playing live songs from the album, aswell as a chance to win themselves a kettle.
Coffee & TV
The release date for Coffee & TV has been put back a week to 28th June. Its b-sides will include Bugman remixes by each member of the band. Trade Styee Remix by Alex James, Ex-Offender Remix by Damon Albarn, Metal Hip Slop Remix by Graham Coxon & The Coyotee Mix by Dave Rowntree.
Coffee & Japanese TV
Blur will be performing at London's Greenwich Naval College on 1st June for a Television satellite broadcast to the Japanese TV Network NHK. However, tickets for the performance are not available. Paul Weller and Jamiroquai are also set to play.
Tibet Freedom Concert
Blur will be making their second appearance at a Tibet Freedom Concert in support of the Tibet Trust. Blur are set to play at Tibet 99 in Amsterdam along with the likes of the Beastie
Boys, Thom Yorke and Garbage.
Reading Festival 99
Blur will be headlining at this years Reading Festivalstage on main . They will headline the Saturday a Pavement and "very special 28th August with support from The Divine Comedy, guestplay on Sunday then travels to Leeds to 29th at " - tipped to be Pearl Jam. The line-up Temple Newsamout among two sitesnew festival arrangement set . 3 day , as part of the tickets cost 78 and are available from the following:
London - Tel. 0171 344 0044
National - Tel. 0541 500 044
Ticketmaster Online
New Single
It has been confirmed that and will album 13, Coffee & TV is to be the next single from the be released on Bugman by individual remixes of 21st June in the UK. The B-sides will be Damon, Alex, Graham & Dave.
Festival Appearances
Finland Germany 20th June - Seinjorkiprovinsfirck Festival : 19th June Italy - Amola Festival : - Festival : 22nd July Scotland - T In The Hurricane Festival : 2nd June Belgium - Werchter Park Benicassim FestivalRockwave : 22nd July Spain - : August : 10th July Greece - Athens 6th Japan - Fuji Rock Festival August Full Date TBA

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